Venue Rentals

Scheduling and rentals of AMPD Performance Facilities are managed by the unit’s Manager with the assistance of the Technical Services Coordinator and the Front of House Services Coordinator.

These facilities are part of York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design. As such, they are used for teaching, study, rehearsal and production by the School’s departments, which have priority access in support of their academic programs and associated performances.

Departmental schedules are established by May 31 for the operational year, which runs from September of the current year to August of the next, with heaviest usage generally in October, November, January, February and March.

Rental enquiries from prospective clients in the wider York University community and the external community are invited each year from May 31 onwards for the upcoming operational year.

Booking requests must be submitted using the Performance Facilities Rental Inquiry Form below:

Please note:

  • Booking of AMPD Performance Facilities venues is conditional upon the availability of the venue, equipment and staff, which varies within the 12-month scope of operations.
  • Early booking is advised. Priority will be given to previous clients who are in good standing.
  • To ensure sufficient lead time, a booking should be confirmed at least six weeks in advance of the event.

Rental Rates

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Venues Seating Capacity Base Time Base Cost After Base Minimum Number of Tech Staff
Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre 360 8 hours $1575.00 $195/hour 4
Tribute Communities Recital Hall 320 8 hours $1575.00 $195/hour 3
Joseph G. Green Studio Theatre Flexible Seating, Max Capacity 120 8 hours $730.00 $95/hour 2
McLean Performance Studio 88 8 hours $420.00 $53/hour 2
CIBC Lobby Varies 4 hours 315.00 $78/hour 1
Studio space Varies 8 hours $184.00 $24/hour 1
Staffing Per hour After 7 hours Stat. Holiday **
Lead Technician $50.00 X 1.5 X 2.5
Technician $45.00 X 1.5 X 2.5
House Captain $27.00 X 1.5 X 2.5
Event Assistant $19.00 X 1.5 X 2.5

** Statutory Holidays and Long Weekends: Long weekends are defined as three days which include a Saturday and Sunday plus a statutory Friday or Monday holiday. Rental of a facility on a statutory holiday or long weekend will entail the applicable overtime charges for labour.

Terms and Conditions

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The Licence Agreement (contract) includes the following schedules: