Terms and Conditions of Use

Performance Facilities 
120 Accolade East Building
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto ON M3J 1P3

Email: perform@yorku.ca
Tel: 416-736-5292
Fax: 416-736-5956

Terms and Conditions of Use


1. Licence: The Licence to use Facilities granted by York University to the Licensee under this Agreement is a personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable licence for the use of the Facilities and is limited by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2. Purpose and Use of Facilities:  By accepting this Agreement the Licensee agrees to restrict its use of Facilities to the purpose and to comply with the conditions of use as set out in this Agreement. The Licensee shall further comply with all applicable policies, procedures, guidelines, rules and regulations of York and all applicable laws, bylaws, ordinances, regulations, requirements, codes and standards.

3. Damage and Repair:  The Licensee is responsible for any damage to Facilities, and shall reimburse York for the resulting cost of repairs. If requested by York, the Licensee shall repair Facilities at the Licensee’s own cost in a timely manner and keep York informed, on an ongoing basis, of any damage or repair to Facilities.  The Licensee shall not make any alterations to Facilities without York’s prior written approval.

4. Inform Agents of Terms and Conditions:  The Licensee shall inform its employees, agents and contractors of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


5. Ownership of Equipment and Facilities:  York retains ownership of all equipment and Facilities, and subject to Section 3 above, York shall maintain equipment and Facilities in good working condition during the term of this agreement.

6. Not Acquire Rights:  The Licensee does not have nor acquires any rights to renovate or acquire equipment or facilities during the term of this agreement. On expiry or earlier termination of this Agreement, the Licensee has no further rights to use or have access to the equipment or Facilities.

7. Marks and Signs:  The Licensee shall not use any of York University’s name or marks on its printed or electronic materials without the express written permission of York University. The Licensee may erect a temporary identification sign in connection with the use of Facilities, subject to the prior approval of York, and at a location, as determined by York.  The Licensee shall provide York with a copy of all advertising materials associated with the use of the Facilities. York University reserves the right at any time to alter or remove signs or exhibits, including printed material, products, lights or sound if in York’s sole opinion their presentation does not comply with this Agreement.

8. Access during Timeslots:  The Licensee may use Facilities on a priority basis during the timeslots assigned, subject to Section 2 above.  The Licensee shall not interfere or obstruct any operations or activities of York University during its use of the Facilities.

9. Interruption, Use by York and Alternate Facilities:  York has the right to stop, interrupt or reduce any services, systems or utilities provided to, or serving the Performance Facilities. York University is not responsible for any damage caused to the Licensee as a result of such interruption. Where Facilities are not being used by the Licensee, York retains the right to make reasonable use of Facilities.  Furthermore, York is entitled, upon reasonable prior written notice to the Licensee, to move the Licensee to alternate facilities.

10. Access Keys and Cards:  The Licensee shall keep control of and under commercially reasonable security all access keys and cards provided to the Licensee by York University in the same manner as the Licensee keeps or would keep secure other comparable keys and cards.  The Licensee is responsible for any unauthorized use or duplication of such access keys or cards by its employees, agents and contractors.


11. Fees: In consideration for the licence granted to the Licensee hereunder, the Licensee shall pay to York University the fees as set out in this Agreement and the invoice issued by York within thirty (30) days of the event. Any outstanding fees are due within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice.

12. Overdue Payments: Interest on overdue payments is charged at the rate of 1.5% per month (18% per annum), accruing thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice. Interest charges are subject to change.  If the Licensee disputes the validity of any specific charge, the Licensee must inform York University’s General Manager, Performance Facilities in writing within fourteen (14) days of the date of the invoice.

13. Other Fees: In addition to the Fees and payments set out in this Agreement, the Licensee shall pay or reimburse York  for:

a. All taxes imposed by any government authority in connection with the use of the Facilities
b. Levies payable under Retail Sales Tax Act, tariffs to any collective rights society such as SOCAN
c. All other charges, levies or fees which may arise from time to time; in connection with the Licensee’s use of the Facilities.


14. Insurance: York’s liability insurance coverage DOES NOT protect the Licensee. The Licensee agrees to maintain the following policies of insurance during the Term of this license (as hereinafter defined):

a. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance: The Licensee must provide proof of comprehensive general liability insurance in the name of the Licensee at time of deposit. Liability insurance shall save harmless York University from any claims for damages that may arise from the use of the facilities.

i. Proof of liability insurance coverage in a minimum amount of $5,000,000 is required with an endorsement naming York University, its Board of governors, trustees, officers and employees as an Additional Insured.|
ii. The insurance policy or policies shall contain a cross-liability clause protecting York against claims by the Licensee as if York were separately insured, and protecting the Licensee against claims by York as if the Licensee were separately insured.
iii. Where there is ongoing continuous use, the insurance will contain a clause that it will not be cancelled or changed without York first having received not less than 30 days written notice of such cancellation or change.

b. Property Insurance:  If the Licensee brings its own equipment onto York premises (the “Licensee’s equipment”), all risks property insurance covering the  Licensee’s equipment located within the premises, in the amount equal to the full replacement cost of the Licensee’s equipment.

c. Other Insurance: Such other types of insurance, or such greater amounts or additional risks with respect to insurance of the types set out above, as would be carried by a prudent licensee and as York University may from time to time reasonably require.


15. Confidential Information:  The Licensee and York may, from time to time, disclose confidential information to each other to facilitate work under this Agreement.  Each party shall safeguard and not disclose such information to anyone without a “need to know” within either party.  During the Term and for a period of three (3) years after the expiry or earlier termination of this Agreement, each party shall take reasonable measures, and at least the same measures as it takes in respect of its own confidential information, to keep confidential the confidential information provided to it by the other party.  Neither party shall use the other party’s confidential information for any purpose except that for which it was initially provided to the receiving party.  Both parties shall use their best efforts to protect such information from disclosure to third parties not bound by this Agreement.  The obligation to keep confidential does not apply to information which:

a. is already known to a third party to which it is disclosed;
b. becomes part of the public domain without breach of this Agreement;
c. is obtained from third parties which have no confidentiality obligations to the parties hereto
d. is authorized for release by the disclosing party; or
e. is to be disclosed pursuant to the lawful requirement of a government agency or order of a court of competent jurisdiction or by operation of law, provided that York is notified prior to such disclosure and the disclosure is subject to all applicable government or judicial protections which may be available.

Privacy:  The Licensee acknowledges that York University is subject to privacy legislation including Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and the Licensee shall assist York in complying with such privacy legislation including any disclosure duties.

Disclaimer of Warranty

16. Disclaimer:  York University makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, with respect to the functioning of Facilities or with respect to any services or equipment provided to the Licensee.  York University specifically disclaims any implied warranty of non-infringement or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and in no event is liable for any loss of profits, be they direct, consequential, incidental or special or other similar or like damages arising from any defect, effort or failure to perform even if York has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

17. The Licensee accepts the Facilities and any services or equipment on an “as is” basis.


18. By Licensee: The Licensee shall indemnify, save harmless and release York University and York’s Board of Governors, officers, employees, contractors,  and  agents from and against any and all suits, claims, demands, costs and expenses whatsoever, including reasonable legal fees and disbursements: (i) on account of injuries (including death) to persons using or involved in the Licensee’s use of  Facilities; (ii) arising from the use of Facilities (whether authorized or not); and/or (iii) damage to Facilities, or York property; caused by the willful or negligent act or omission of the Licensee or the Licensee’s officers, directors, employees, contractors and agents during the Term.  The Licensee shall further indemnify, save harmless and release York and York University’s Board of Governors, officers, employees, and agents against all claims arising out of the infringement of royalty rights, copyright, SOCAN charges, slander, or libel which may occur as a result of or in connection with the Licensee’s use of Facilities.

19. Limitation of Liability:  In no event is York liable for loss of business or profit, or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, regardless whether arising under contract or tort or based upon strict liability or other theory of law or equity.  Further, York is not liable and assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, damage or injury to persons or property of the Licensee, before, during or after the use of Facilities.

Term, Cancellation and Termination

20. Term:  This Agreement commences as of the date hereof and continues until completion of all obligations by the parties hereunder (the “Term”).

21. Cancellation:  The Licensee may cancel this Agreement at any time upon prior written notice to York University. In the event of any cancellation, York is entitled to liquidated damages based on the estimated total amount and any expenses incurred in good faith by York in preparation for the Licensee’s use of Facilities. If the Licensee cancels this Agreement up to 6 weeks before the scheduled event, the Licensee shall pay to York fifty percent (50%) of the estimated total amount and any expenses incurred in good faith by York in preparation for the Licensee’s use of Facilities.  If the Licensee cancels this Agreement less than 6 weeks prior to the scheduled event, the Licensee shall further pay to York the amount of Two Dollars ($2.00) per ticket sold as a fee to cover the costs incurred in refunding tickets. If the Licensee cancels this Agreement less than three (3) weeks before the scheduled event, then the Licensee shall further pay to York the remaining fifty percent (50%) balance of the estimated total amount.

22. Termination if Breach:  York retains the right to terminate this Agreement immediately at any time if the Licensee violates or threatens to violate any of its obligations under this Agreement, unless York waives such right in writing to the Licensee.

23. Termination if Bankrupt:  This Agreement terminates immediately if an assignment is made by the Licensee for the benefit of creditors, if a trustee in bankruptcy, receiver or receiver and manager is appointed to take possession of all or most of the Licensee’s property or if the Licensee ceases to carry on business in the normal course.

24. Delay: In the event that the performance of the terms of this Agreement by either party is delayed, hindered or prevented by a Force Majeure (as defined below), the party may, at its option suspend this Agreement in whole or in part without liability or account thereof; provided that the other party may terminate this Agreement without liability or waiver of breaches by the first party unrelated to the Force Majeure event, if such a situation of Force Majeure continues for 90 days.

25. Force Majeure:  For the purposes of this Agreement, “Force Majeure” means any cause beyond the reasonable control of the party seeking to take advantage of such Force Majeure including, without limitation, any strike, lockout, labour dispute, act of God or war, insurrection, riot, epidemic or communicable disease outbreak, public health emergency, or  civil disturbance.

General Provisions

26. Entire Agreement:  This Agreement, as may be amended by York and the Licensee in writing from time to time, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties pertaining to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings, negotiations and discussions, whether oral or written.

27. Time of the Essence:  Time is of the essence and no extension or waiver operates to amend this provision.

28. No Breach:  The Licensee and York University represent and warrant to each other that neither the execution of this Agreement, nor the performance of its obligations hereunder, will breach or result in any default under its articles, by-laws, or other organizational documents, or under any agreement (oral or written), licence or permit to which it is a party or by which it may be bound.

29. Assignment:   The Licensee may not assign this Agreement or subcontract or otherwise transfer any of its rights and obligations hereunder, in whole or in part, without York’s prior written consent, which consent may be withheld at York’s sole discretion.  Subject to the foregoing, this Agreement is binding upon and to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and permitted assigns.  In the case of the sub-contracting of any service to be performed by York, the Licensee shall not unreasonably withhold consent.

30. Delivery of Notices:  Any notice, document or other communication given or made under this Agreement is deemed to have been given or made and to have been received on the day of delivery if delivered personally, or on the day of facsimile transmission, provided that such day is a business day and the communication is so delivered, transmitted by facsimile or sent prior to 4:30pm EST on such day.  Otherwise, such communication is deemed to have been given and made and to have been received on the next business day if sent by courier, personal delivery or facsimile, or on the fifth (5th) business day following the mailing thereof; provided that no such communication is to be mailed during any actual or apprehended disruption of postal services.

31. If Conflict:  In the event of a conflict between the terms of the Licence to use equipment and any of the Schedules thereto, the terms of this agreement govern.

32. Waiver:  No waiver of this Agreement is valid unless it is in writing by an authorized representative of the party giving the waiver.

33. Governing Law:  This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein and the parties attorn to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Ontario and all courts competent to hear appeals there from.

Rules and Regulations

Staff: In general, staff who are scheduled to provide support for events are union members whose terms and conditions of employment (including, but not limited to, hourly rates of pay, overtime, meal and rest breaks) are governed by the provisions of applicable collective agreements.

Piano tuning: Requests for piano tuning are to be made at the time of booking. Pianos owned by York must be tuned by York’s piano tuner. Licensees requesting piano tuning will be charged for tuning services.

Emergency: In case of an emergency, the Licensee shall inform Facilities staff immediately. The Licensee shall comply with the instructions of York’s Security Services and Emergency Guidelines, posted at security.info.yorku.ca

Start and End: At the time of arrival, the Facilities are in a neutral state (i.e. no set up has begun). Adequate time must be booked for the set-up, performance, and strike/load out. The Licensee(s) must adhere to the scheduled times to avoid additional venue and labour charges. York University retains the right to close the performance in order to have Facilities vacated and equipment cleared according to the set schedule. Labour charges will continue until Facilities are returned to neutral. This includes the restoration of house lighting plots, clearing of dressing rooms, completion of load out, that all personnel are vacated from the premise, and the locking up the facility.

Crew Show calls: House Captains are required one and a half (1.5) hours and Ushers are required one (1) hour before the performance start time. Technical crew calls start at least one (1) hour before the performance start time.

Additional Equipment: The Licencee is responsible for the security and safety of any equipment brought on to the premises by the Licensee(s). York is not responsible for any theft, vandalism, or loss. The Licensee(s) is responsible for ensuring that the equipment complies with the Canadian Safety Standards prior to the event.

Displays: Displays in the lobby / foyer are limited to table top and free standing. Nothing may be affixed to the walls. Displays must be completely removed prior to departure by the Licensee(s). Driving nails or screws into the stage floor or any area of the Facilities is not permitted.

Recording equipment: The audience’s use of camera and recording equipment is at the discretion of the Licensee(s). The Licensee shall make an appropriate announcement at the beginning of the performance.

Custodial services: A minimum of $255.00 will be charged to the Licensee(s) for cleaning services on Friday and Saturday events. A mimium of $120.00 will be charged for events held from Sunday to Thursday.

Security: York University reserves the right to require the presence of security at any performance and in whatever numbers it deems necessary. The cost of such security personnel will be borne by the Licensee(s) and is payable 15 working days in advance of the event. Coordination of security staff is carried out by the Technical Services Coordinator or his/her designate.

Use of equipment: Only York University personnel may use University owned equipment. The control of such use is under the supervision of the Technical Services Coordinator or his/her designate

 Electrical Hookup: During the booking process, the Licensee(s) must notify Performance Facilities staff of power requirements beyond the standard 115 VOLTS, 15 AMP AC. If additional electrical service hook up is required, arrangements must be made for a York University electrician to be present at the time of that hookup. All charges for this service are to be paid by the Licensee(s)

 Plant: Performance Facilites and its staff cannot be held responsible for any interference with electrical power, heating, cooling, or other factors not under their direct control.

Advertising: Facilities are not to be advertised or used for any other purpose than that set out in the Agreement. No advertising costs may be charged to York.

 Food and Drink: With the exception of bottled water, no eating or drinking is permitted in the Facilities. This includes the audience chamber, as well as on stage and in the wings. Food and drink may be consumed in the back stage hallways and dressing rooms with prior writtten consent from Performance Facilities. Any clean up required or damages resulting from spills or stains in the occupied spaces will be charged to the licensee(s).

Merchandise: The sale of recordings, clothing, souvenirs and other merchandise is permitted at performances subject to the prior written approval of York University and under the following conditions:

  1. Requests to sell merchandise must be made in writing and submitted during the booking process. The location where sales can occur will be specified by York University. Sales may only take place before the event, during intermission, or after the event.
  2. York University is entitled to a table fee of $100.00 per day that merchandise is being sold.
  3. Upon request, York University may provide assistance to sell the merchandise. The cost for such assistance is to be calculated at the Event Assistant rate ($19.00 per hour) with a minimum 3 hour shift.
  4. York University may prohibit the sale of merchandise if the merchandise offered conflicts with a standing exclusivity agreement or clause in a contract or lease agreement held by York University with a commercial tenant or other third party.

Storage: York University will not store items beyond the times specified in the Agreement. It is understood that all materials required for an event will not arrive before the designated load in time, and will be transported away from York University during the load out. Anything left behind will be disposed of at the Licensee’s expense.

Fire code: Local fire regulations must be observed at all times. This includes restrictions on set materials and the prevention of obstruction of fire equipment, aisles, and exits. Fire doors may not be propped open.

Open Flame: The use of candles or any other open flame is not permitted anywhere in the Facilities. This includes the lobby, dressing rooms, audience chamber, backstage or on stage. Clients will not use any explosive, corrosive or other flammable substances without the express written consent of the Performance Facilities General Manager. Clients will further abstain from producing any unusual, noxious, or objectionable smoke, gases, vapor, or odors. The user is responsible for the use of theatrical smoke in such a way as to not allow smoke alarms to go off.

 Flame/Fire-proofing: Materials used on stage must be treated with flame retardant and have the appropriate documentation which certifies that they meet current provincial and local fire regulations.

Weapons: No one is permitted to have or use firearms, weapons, ammunition or explosive substances on lands or in premises which are leased, owned, operated or otherwise controlled by York University, unless specifically granted such permission by the University. Peace officers and members of the Canadian Armed Forces attending on University premises in the course of their duties are not required to obtain permission to carry duty weapons.

Productions which require the use of firearms, weapons, or explosive substances on stage must indicate this in writing at the time of booking and must follow industry best practice as outlined in the Safety Guidelines for the Live Performance Industry in Ontario. Productions wishing to use prop firearms are required to produce a valid Canadian PAL license.

Audience Chamber: Access to the audience chamber from the lobby is restricted to performance times. Personnel wishing access to the theatre before or after the performance are required to use the stage entrance. Other than during a performance with Front of House staff present, the use of the audience chamber is restricted to the production team, stage management and designers. Unless Front of House staff is present no other person will be granted access to the audience chamber nor can it be used for storage of personal belongings such as coats, musical instruments, or other items. Further, the theatre seating area can not to be used as a waiting area for performers or their friends, parents or relatives. Licensee will be charged for all Front of House costs. With the exception of bottled water no other food or drink is permitted in the theatre at any time.

House Opening: The house will open when the Lead Technician has conferred with House Captain. This will happen approximately ½ hour prior to curtain time.

Seating Capacity: The seating capacity for each Performance Facility venue will be strictly enforced. There is no standing room occupancy permitted. Renters are not permitted to move, add, remove or obstruct any theatre seats.

Children and Infants: Fire and safety regulations require that every person entering the auditorium, including babies and children, are required to have a ticket. No strollers or large items are permitted in the auditorium.

 Start Time of Performance: The performance may begin only when the House Captain, in consultation with Box Office, indicates such to the Lead Technician. Performances are to start at the posted curtain time.

Intermission: Intermissions during performances are to be 15 minutes in duration.

Late Seating: Patrons who arrive late will be asked to wait until an appropriate break in the performance occurs. A suitable break will be determined by the House Captain in consultation with the Stage Manager. The House Captain will decide how and where any late patrons are to be seated.

Smoking: York University is a smoke free environment. Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings. Smokers are asked to smoke outdoors 9 feet away from any entrance or building overhang. Smokers are further encouraged not to leave cigarette butts on the ground but to dispose of them in the containers provided. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to ensure that all staff, performers and management personnel with the Licensee adhere to the smoking policies at York University.

Animals: With the exception of service animals used to assist persons with disabilities, animals are not permitted in the Facilities. A request must be made in writing and submitted at the time of booking for the use of animals in any production. The request should include a plan for the caging and clean up as well as any safety precautions necessary. It is expected that all who have animals participating in productions will use industry best practices and the animals will be treated humanely.

 Parking: Parking at the loading bays is for the purpose of loading and unloading. Vehicles left in the bays will be subject to fines and/or towing. Idling of vehicles while in the loading dock is not permitted. Limited parking may be available at the loading dock for small trucks and cars at a cost. It you are interested in using these parking spaces (if available) please indicate this during the booking process. The Licensee agrees to adhere to the parking regulations at York University. Vehicles parked on the loading dock without permission will be tagged and towed at the owner’s expense.

Parking for York University guests is available in the Student Services Parking Garage, at the corner of Ian MacDonald Blvd and Fine Arts Road, located out of the South East doors of Accolade East Building. Please note that there are no in/out privileges for this parking lot.

Box Office and Ticketing

All tickets for all events taking place in the Performance Facilities of York University must be printed and sold through the York University Box Office. Reserved / assigned seating is standard for all performance venues.

The advertised ticket prices must include applicable HST and the Facility Renewal Fee of $1.50 per ticket.

 Box Office Policies re: ticketing & ticket pricing

  1. York University charges a fee of 5% of ticket sales revenue to cover box office services including ticket setup, programming and production costs, with a minimum charge of $200 to be paid by the Licensee.
  2. Show ticketing information will be customized for your tickets. Please allow five business days for the programming of this information.
  3. Tickets are printed as they are sold. The Licensee shall pay a printing fee of $0.20 per ticket.
  4. Advertised ticket prices must include applicable HST. The HST is applied to the base ticket price and is applicable to all events taking place in York University Performance Facilities. In addition to the HST, a Facilities Renewal Fund fee of $1.50 is applied to each ticket that is priced at $5.00 or more. This fee is incorporated into the ticket price and is paid by the customer. The Facilities Renewal Fund is a capital improvement fee to assist with the long-term upkeep of the Performance Facilities. (Note: HST is not charged on the Facilities Renewal Fund fee.)
  5. Complimentary ticket lists and special ticket orders must be provided to the Box Office at least two days prior to the event. Standard list format and ticket order forms may be required.
  6. Group Ticket Sales or Bulk Ticket Purchasing must be pre-arranged with the Front of House Services Coordinator.
  7. All discount coupons or vouchers must be submitted to the box office for review prior to distribution.

Please plan ahead. It may not be possible to fulfill last-minute ticketing requests.

Seating Holds

For all events, certain seats will be set aside by the box office prior to the tickets being made available for sale. These seats will include seats reserved for sale to people who require accessible seating (under the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario Regulation 429/07). Some seats may be blocked off to accommodate things such as camera placement or technical equipment. The box office will retain 6 seats for each performance to enable House Management to resolve seating problems at show time.

Box Office Service Information

  1. Tickets to your event may be purchased:
    1. Online 24 hours a day up to and including the day of the event.
    2. By phone during regular Box Office hours and 1 to 3 hours prior to the event.
    3. In person at the box office during Box Office hours and from 1 to 3 hours prior to the event.
  2. A Box Office service charge of $2.00 per ticket (to be paid by the customer) is levied on all tickets purchased by phone or online.
  3. Purchased tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Box Office operating hours are scheduled monthly. Contact the Box Office directly at 416-736.5888 or boxoffice@yorku.ca for current hours.

Promotion Guidelines


Please ensure that the following information appears on all promotional material:

  • The proper name of the venue
  • The box office phone number: 416-736-5888
  • The website address: facilities.ampd.yorku.ca/home/contact-us/boxoffice This website allows patrons to purchase tickets online and also provides information about location, parking etc.

Please provide the Box Office with copies of your marketing materials (brochures, programs, flyers, press releases, info sheets etc.) before publication or distribution. This material helps Box Office staff answer patron queries about your event.

Front of House Guidelines

  1. The house doors will be opened 30 minutes prior to the start time of the event.
  2. Intermissions should be 15 minutes in duration.
  3. Late seating is determined by the Licensee and monitored by the Stage Manager and House Captain.
  4. Cameras or recording equipment are not allowed in the auditorium unless permission is given by the Licensee.
  5. No items may be attached to the walls or doors of the lobby or auditorium. Please use designated display areas or fixtures.
  6. The Licensee is not permitted to move, add, remove or obstruct any theatre seats.
  7. Except for bottled water, food and beverages are not allowed in the auditorium at any time including rehearsals.
  8. Every person entering the auditorium, including small children, is required to have a ticket. No strollers or large items are permitted in the auditorium.
  9. Whenever there are people in the house during a Licensee’s open rehearsal, Front of House staff will be scheduled to attend and the Licensee shall pay for the staffing as billed by York University.
  10. All performers/artists should enter and exit through the backstage doors. Visitors are not allowed in the backstage areas or on stage.

Lobby Set-up & Services

 To ensure a well organized event, advanced notice needs to be provided if you are planning:

  • Lobby displays
  • Require tables or chairs for use in the lobby
  • That any merchandise sales will take place in the lobby. (A lobby table fee payable to York applies.)

If you would like to have:

  • A beverage / bar service
  • Coat check service for guests at your event, these must be requested in advance so that they can be arranged for.

Catering & Beverage Service/Sales

All food and beverage services for events taking place in Performance Facilities must be provided by designated York University caterers or vendors. A list of food and beverage service providers can be found at www.yorku.ca/foodservices/locations.

 Use of Function Space

  • Please note: The CIBC Lobby is a shared space, serving the Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre and Tribute Communities Recital Hall as well as the Box Office area. As such, there may be more than one function requiring access to the lobby at any given time.
  • The use of all spaces, including corridors, stairways and aisles, must be in accordance with municipal and York University fire and safety regulations.

 Catering & Rental Equipment

  1. All food and beverages brought in for the Licensee are the responsibility of the Licensee. This includes delivery, storage, service and cleanup.
  2. Caterers contracted by the Licensee are responsible for providing all equipment and service wares required for servicing the event. Any use of Performance Facilities equipment on site must be requested and arranged prior to the event.
  3. Provision for heating food or drink must be discussed and agreed to prior to the contract to ensure that the building’s electrical resources are adequate and appropriately situated. Subject to negotiation, caterers may use the (limited) kitchen facilities available in the Accolade East Building.
  4. Caterers are responsible for setup and dismantling of their rental equipment within the appropriate staging area. Caterers should make arrangements with the Front of House Services Coordinator in advance for delivery, storage and pickup of any rental equipment.
  5. The Licensee may choose to provide backstage hospitality for artists and participants. The provision and setup of backstage hospitality must be coordinated with the Front of House staff.


  1. It is the Licensee’s responsibility to ensure that all cleanup requirements are followed in all spaces where hospitality is provided, including dressing rooms and Green Room areas backstage. Any questions about cleaning procedures should be referred to the Front of House staff on duty at the time of the event.
  2. Floors should be kept free of catering debris, including food or beverage spills, at all times. Broom, mop etc. can be provided on site.
  3. Caterers must clean up immediately at the end of the event. No food may be left on the premises overnight or for any extended period of time. Sinks, countertops and prep tables must be cleared of debris and thoroughly cleaned. (Please note: the Licensee /caterers must provide their own cleaning materials.) Refrigerators must be emptied of the Licensee /caterers belongings and all food and beverages provided for the event. All rental items must be removed, repacked and placed in a location designated by the Front of House Services Coordinator.
  4. All trash must be collected and deposited into the dumpster located in the loading dock. Trash cans and liners will be provided by Performance Facilities.
  5. When the event is over, before leaving, the Licensee must check out with senior Front of House staff who will ensure that the above cleanup requirements have been met. Fine Arts Performance Facilities space and equipment utilized by the client must be returned to the condition in which they were found. The cost of any additional cleanup required will be passed on to the Licensee.

Archive and Media Recordings

Camera Placement & Set-up

  1. Camera operators must set up in their pre-arranged camera positions at least one hour prior to the event start time.
  2. Camera tripods or equipment may not obstruct fire exits, aisles or stairways. Aisles must be clear at all times.
  3. Cameras cannot be set up in wheelchair or accessible seating areas.
  4. Power cords and cables must be taped down or otherwise properly secured.
  5. Camera operators should not block the audience view or distract patrons during the performance.

Technical and Stage Services

Orchestra Pit

Please note that only the Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre has an orchestra pit.

Rigging and Flying

If you are going to be brining any signs, banners or scenic elements that you wish to have suspended / rigged, this work may only be done by Performance Facilities staff technicians. If you are planning for these types of rigging needs, please provide additional information in advance of your arrival at our facilities.

On Stage Dangers

There are very strict regulations regarding the use of open flame (including candles), pyrotechnics, and weapons on stage. If you plan to use any of these items, please check with our office for additional information.

Flame Proofing

All materials used on stage must be treated with flame retardant and must have the appropriate documentation which certifies that they meet current provincial and local fire regulations.

Electrical Power

If you require an electrical hook-up for any equipment that you will be bringing, the Licensee must inform Performance Facilities in advance. We will arrange for an electrician to hook up your equipment with our company switch or install ‘shore power’. Additional charges will apply.